Delete existing objects in build system

New objects created by you before still exist on the build systems file system after they have been deleted from the TFS branch. In that case, they have to be deleted from three paths on the build system.

Following example shows the problematics:

  1. The developer creates a new form object on his development system
  2. The developer merges the new object to the TFS Main branch
  3. The build system pipe creates a new build for the next release
  4. After some days/weeks/years, the developer want’s to delete the created form object from the system
  5. The developer deletes the form from his developer system and merges the changeset to the main branch
  6. The build system fails
  7. The developer logs on to the build remote system and deletes the form object from three paths:
    1. C:\DynamicsSDK\VSOAgent\_work\(1,2,3)\s\Metadata und …\(1,2,3)\s\Projects
    2. J:\DynamicsBackup\Packages
    3. K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory
  8. Create a new sucessfull build.

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