Get values for attribute from product

For getting the values for the product attributes you can use a simple view in AX:   EcoResProductAttributeValue attributeValue; // View select attributeValue       where attributeValue.Product == _product           && attributeValue.Attribute == resultAttribute.RecId; After that you can use the value RecId for finding the related value table.  

Lookup hierarchy category || AX 2012

This code shows you how to open a given category hierarchy in a lookup:   public Common lookupReference(FormReferenceControl _formReferenceControl) { Common ret; EcoResCategory  ecoResCategoryLocal;   EcoResCategoryHierarchy  categoryHierarchy  = EcoResCategoryHierarchy::find(2653334895);   ret = EcoResCategory::lookupCategoryHierarchy(_formReferenceControl, categoryHierarchy);   if (ret.TableId == tableNum(EcoResCategory)) { ecoResCategoryLocal =;   // update the current Category hierarchy if selected category belongs to … Read moreLookup hierarchy category || AX 2012