Get available physical quantity

Without joining the InventSum table you can easily get the available quantity for an item: The parameters for the methods are just the relevants. ItemId Find or create the inventDim for the inventory dimension. If you need to check the quantity on different licenseplates (f.E.) you have to loop through the InventDims:

Complete specific work line

WHSWorkTable workTable; WHSWorkLine workLine; WHSWorkExecute workExecute = new WHSWorkExecute(); WHSWorkCompleteForm workcompleteForm = new WHSWorkCompleteForm(); WHSWorkManualComplete manualComplete = new WHSWorkManualComplete(); select workTable where workTable.WorkBuildId == _workBuildId; select forUpdate workLine where workLine.WorkType == WHSWorkType::Put && workLine.WorkId == workTable.WorkId; if (workLine) { ttsBegin; workLine.WorkStop = true; workLine.update(); ttsCommit; } else { throw error (“@SYS111591”); } if (_toLocationId) { … Read moreComplete specific work line